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Conference Promotional Items

Conference promotional items come in huge range of categories. At Zest Promotions we can put together for you a range of branded items that compliment each other. We have some suggestions below for practical ideas that suit most situations.

Branded pens have to be one of the most common items at most conferences. Pens are available in a vast range of colours and styles and are very practical. Alongside pens, compendiums or portfolios are also a useful option. Widely used at conferences for note taking, they provide a valuable asset to any meeting. From a basic A5 size compendium to a foolscap portfolio with calculator. Or even a portfolio with a bluetooth keyboard. You can also choose between a low cost cover or premium leather to enhance your corporate look.

Lanyards and ID Holders are often a necessity, so why not brand them also? Lanyards are available in a large range of colours to match your brand. There is also a range of sizes and attachments available to customize them to suit.

Bottled water with your branding on it is also a popular option. Bottled here in New Zealand, our custom branded water bottles are filled with natural NZ spring water.

Confectionery is always well received, and can provide a little sugar hit towards the end of the day! We can offer bagged jellybeans, tins of mints or even coffee mugs filled with jelly beans in your corporate colours. Chocolates, nuts and sweets are also available. We now have an option of eco friendly wrappers to save our environment.

Apparel is also another range we can brand for your conference. For a milestone event custom headwear, jackets or tee shirts can mark the occasion.

conference promotional items portfolio with calculator conference promotional items lanyards conference promotional items mints  conference promotional items powerbank conference promotional items non woven tote bag conference promotional items calico tote bag  conference promotional items bottled water conference promotional items jelly beans double wall coffee mug

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