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Online Catalogues

Below is a list of catalogues with items that we can supply. Please email us to let us know if there are any products of interest and we will supply you with a no obligation quote:

http://www.trendscollection.co.nz/ - Pens, desktop, conference, promotional, keyrings, magnets, drink bottles, golf items, usb drives, tools & lights

http://maxumcollection.co.nz - Writing instruments, tools & lights, business accessories, leisure, bags, promo items, IT products, golf items, first aid kits, keyrings

http://www.coreproducts.co.nz/- Writing instruments, promo items, drink bottles, golf items

http://www.therange.co.nz/ - Desk accessories, business accessories, writing instruments, IT products, compendiums, conference, leisure gifts

http://www.midocean.co.nz/ - Bags, leisure, office, personal, premiums, tools, writing

http://www.chiliconcept.co.nz/ - USB drives, pens, watches, bags, mugs

http://promocollection.co.nz  - Lanyards, wristbands, IT products, neoprene, stationery, homewares 

http://www.classicconcepts.co.nz/ - Leather accessories, compendiums, bags etc

http://www.thebrand.co.nz/ - Glassware, coffee mugs

http://www.decor8.co.nz/ - Glassware, coffee mugs

http://www.promotional-it-solutions.co.nz/ - IT products

http://www.usbdirect.co.nz/ - USB drives

http://www.legendlife.co.nz/ - Bags, headwear, apparel, towels, bathrobes

http://www.thecatalogue.co.nz/- Apparel, bags, headwear

http://zestpromotions.caprange.com/ - Headwear

https://www.pbo.co.nz/​ - Bags, compendiums, travel wallets

http://www.corporateuniforms.co.nz/ - Apparel, aprons

http://www.garmentlink.co.nz/ - Apparel

http://www.aussiepacific.co.nz - Apparel

http://www.barewood.co.nz/ - Apparel, aprons

http://www.auroraclothing.co.nz/- Hoodies, sweatshirts, fleece, polos

http://www.premiumcatalogue.co.nz/ - T-shirts, headwear, jackets, hoodies

http://www.bocini.co.nz/ - Apparel 

http://www.ppromo.co.nz/ - Umbrellas, bags, jackets

http://www.ombrello.co.nz/ - Umbrellas

http://www.europawatch.co.nz/index.asp?bhcp=1 - Watches