Branded Winter Headwear

Branded Winter Headwear

As the days start to cool down it is time to pull out your branded winter headwear. Your staff or team need to keep warm so provide them with winter warmers and promote yourself at the same time.


Beanies are essential for outdoor workers during these cold months. So why not proudly display your brand! There are a variety of styles and fabric types to suit most requirements. Beanies come as 'one size fits most' which means unlike most other apparel items you don’t have to order a range of different sizes.

Low Cost Acrylic Beanies

Available in a wide range of colours to match your brand. Acrylic is commonly used to make affordable beanies as a less expensive alternative to wool. It holds dyes very well and is easy to clean and care for.

Wool Beanies

For premium warmth choose 100% wool, or balance the budget somewhere in between with a wool/acrylic blend. Wool is a great insulator while still providing breathability. 

Hi-Vis Beanies

are another popular choice. Available in yellow or orange, these aid with visibility in the workplace which keeps your staff both warm and safe.

Headlamp Beanie

Want something a little bit special for those dark mornings or nights? Check out the Headlight Beanie – with twin layer construction for extra warmth and a unique built in head lamp. The lamp has three light settings and the light module is easily removed to plug into any USB port or a mains adaptor for recharging.

We also have scarf and beanie sets available. Choose to embroider the beanie, scarf, bag or all three.


Oilskins are a new additional to our product range this year. Caps, Bucket Hats and Wide Brim Hats are now available. Oilskin is manufactured from 100% cotton fabric that has been treated with a special wax to make it breathable and waterproof. The bucket hats and wide brim hats come in two sizes to fit most people including kids.

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